2013 – Austria – 25 € Ag/Niobium BU “Tunnelbau”

2013 – Austria – 25 € Ag/Niobium BU “Tunnelbau”


25 euro Silver/Niobium

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One of the most mountainous countries in Europe, Austria has inevitably played a vital role in the development of tunnels.
“Tunnelling”, the brilliant ice blue niobium coin pays homage to Austria’s long and influential contribution to tunnel construction.
Opened in 1848, the vertex tunnel of the Semmering railway was the world’s first alpine tunnel. The “New Austria Method”, which uses the geographical stress of surrounding rock to strengthen a tunnel, was developed from 1957 to 1965 and has since done a great deal to revolutionize tunnel construction around the world. A present-day tunnel boring machine features in the niobium pill of the coin’s observe, its rotating motion symbolized by three arrows. The observe’s outer silver ring shows the mountains through which the machine pierces.
The coin’s reverse makes excellent use of the niobium pill to show one of the many road tunnels that pepper Austria’s alpine landscape today, while tunnel worker uses a pneumatic drill to loosen rock in the silver ring alongside the world “Tunnelbau” (tunnel construction).
This coin, like the Niobium coin issued in 2010 and dedicated to the "Renewable Energies" takes part to the Marvin programm in favour of the environment; Marvin will devolve part of the incomes from the sale of this item to environmental initiatives.

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