2015 – Austria – 25 € Ag/Niobium BU “Cosmology”

2015 – Austria – 25 € Ag/Niobium BU “Cosmology”


25 Euro Silver/Niobium “Cosmology” BU

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Featuring an illustration of the galaxy on the obverse and the European Extremely Large Telescope on the reverse, Cosmology brilliantly deploys its contrasting blue and yellow niobium hues to bring the sky at night to life. Due for completion in 2022, the telescope will enable us to look deeper than ever into the galaxy and perhaps help us find out whether parallel universes and extraterrestrial life really exist. We already know a great deal about the origins of the cosmos, including the solar system, the planets and even life itself. We already know that we humans are also made of stardust, thus a journey into outer space can in some way be seen to be a trip back to home.

This coin, like the Niobium coin issued in 2010 and dedicated to the "Renewable Energies" takes part to the Marvin programm in favour of the environment; Marvin will devolve part of the incomes from the sale of this item to environmental initiatives.

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